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Our location:
7195 Simms St, Arvada CO 80004

New Here?

New Here?

Greetings to all on a Sunday morning.We are glad and grateful that you are with us, and we hope that your experience here enriches your life. Guests, when you walk through the door of our church, you will be greeted by a host and given a name label so that others can greet you by name. If you have children you will be given information about the location of the nursery and/or their classrooms. People will probably be mingling in the entry area and will be glad to introduce themselves. Upon entering the sanctuary you are encouraged to find a seat and join with others.


We have an excellent, well-equipped nursery staffed with an attendant experienced in child care. Babies and toddlers will be comfortable here, but if you prefer to keep them with you they are welcome in the sanctuary.

Children’s Time

Rev. Jean Bareis at Children's TimeChildren are included in the early part of the worship service in the sanctuary. From time to time we include a “Children’s Time” where we invite children to come forward and participate in a message designed especially for them. Then they are ushered to their classroom for Worship & Wonder. Of course, if they are at all uncomfortable with this, they are welcome to remain in worship with their parents.


Communion is open to all and it is not required that you be a member of any church to participate in the Lord’s Supper with us. We welcome all who wish to take part in the celebration with us at the table.

We celebrate Holy Communion once a month, on the first Sunday, partaking of the bread and the cup.

We use non-alcoholic grape juice, not wine, in the communion cup. While this practice distinguishes us from some other Eucharistic traditions, we believe it is important that our worship recognizes the needs of non-drinkers, recovering alcoholics, and children. We also have gluten-free bread available.

We take communion by “intinction,” or dipping. Simply take a piece of bread, dip it into the chalice cup, and eat it before returning to your seat for silent meditation and prayer. If you are unable to walk forward, please alert someone, and the bread and the cup will be brought to you. During this pandemic time, we are using individually pre-packaged juice & wafer portions.

Fellowship Time

After church sitting & eating.Fellowship time is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, meet members of our congregation and other visitors, and ask questions. You are invited to join us in our gathering space after worship for a time of fellowship and refreshments. We encourage you to visit and stay awhile!

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the First United Church of Arvada, and that you will join us again soon! If you would like to connect with our pastor or find out more about First United Church of Arvada please email us so we can stay connected!