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A personal view on sermons by Pastor Karin Kilpatric: The Bible is a book full of layers of oral history, which later became written history — of poetry and story, lamentation, celebration, and praise. It was pieced together by human beings who lived in specific times and cultures in an attempt to express their understanding of Judeo-Christian theology.

A well-crafted sermon invites the listener to play with the Bible’s inspiring, challenging, confusing, contradictory, and comforting words. The sermon can serve to help the meaning of these words come alive again in our contemporary world. At its best, a sermon speaks to the essence of our humanity, both personal and collective, and touches on the nature of the Divine. It can free both the speaker and the listener to find the deeper imagination within the Biblical tales and truths as well as that, which lives at the core of each of us.

As a preacher, I am humbled each week by the task of sermon preparation but also empowered to connect more deeply to my faith and to the life and soul experiences of the members of my congregation.

Find the latest sermons (and other gems from our Worship Services) on our YouTube channel. Or read some of Pastor Karin Kilpatric’s past sermons: