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Our location:
7195 Simms St, Arvada CO 80004


It is truly a blessing to give of our Time, Talent and Treasure.

When you wish to give of your Time and Talent to First United Church of Arvada, please contact the church and ask for the Stewardship Board chairperson.

You can give of your Treasures for the mission and life of First United Church of Arvada by contributing through our Giving Page, linked below:


You can also send a check to 7195 Simms St, Arvada CO 80004. On the check’s memo line please indicate which of the following areas in the church you would like to support financially. It is truly a blessing to give of our Time, Talent and Treasure.

Operating Budget

Day-to-day expenses of the church include compensation of our minister and staff as well as the curriculum for children and youth, heating & lights, postage, telephone, copy machine, janitorial supplies and, yes, even toilet paper.

Major Maintenance Fund

Examples of projects that were completed this last year from this fund were (50) new light fixtures (fireside room, office, and classrooms), new concrete entry to office area on south side, new outlets, outlet covers and switches in all areas, outside security cameras and monitor in main office, new parking lot stripe painting w/handicap spaces, staining/sealing of (3) new exterior doors with new hardware, and purchase of a hedge trimmer and blower for outside use. Money pledged to this account will be used only for major maintenance of the church.

Life Celebration

Just being alive is enough of a reason to give to this fund, but it is also in recognition of major events in our lives–birth, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, and the passing of a loved one. The Stewardship Board has a “wish list” of needs of First United, which can be addressed when a donor wishes to give with a specific gift. The Council of Directors has the final approval of the purchases and projects of a Life Celebration gift.

Scholarship Fund

The purpose of this scholarship is to nurture a mind or talent that might otherwise be neglected. The award, to be given annually by First United Church of Arvada, will be granted to a person who shows a clear direction towards making a contribution to humanity. The award will be granted for a forthcoming academic year and is based on the fluctuating earnings of the Memorial Scholarship Fund during the preceding fiscal year.

Endowment Fund

The guiding principle of the Fund is to provide a repository for gifts to the church. Income from the Fund will be used to support the program and facility needs and outreach and/or mission activities of the church. Any and all undesignated bequests received by the Church are considered contributions to this Fund.

The Fund consists of gifts made to it by individuals and organizations. Gifts may come from any source, but it is anticipated that memorial gifts, beneficiary proceeds from life insurance policies, and bequests from estates will form the basis for major gifts. The Fund will accept only unrestricted gifts. Donors will not be able to specify how their gifts will be used.