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Our location:
7195 Simms St, Arvada CO 80004

Upcoming Events in Detail

Meeting Online

Worshipping Online for Now
First United Church of Arvada is holding Worship services and other gatherings online for now. If you’d like to get our weekly email blast, or information on joining Sunday morning 10am worship services, please fill out the “Contact Us” form.

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June Announcement

First United Continuing online worship & meetings through the end of August (at least)
Announcement as of June 22, 2020:

The realities of COVID-19 and second wave spikes that we are seeing show us that this will not “soon be over”. With that reality in mind, our building will remain closed and our Sunday worship services will continue via Zoom through, at least, the end of August 2020 with the possibility of extending the closure.

We (Staff & Council) will be looking into possible ways that small groups can potentially meet in our outdoor spaces while still adhering to local and state social distancing regulations. There are many considerations with opening and allowing even small groups or rentals – liability, insurance issues, etc. Council has formed a small committee that will be looking into these issues as we move towards what opening
could look like for us in the future.

Our plan for the next couple months is as follows:
* The church building will remain closed for the time being (no entry unless prior approval is obtained by office staff.
* Kathy Hine will continue to work in the church office two days a week – Monday & Thursday from 9 am to 11am. Contact her before you stop by and wear a mask!
* We will continue our Sunday Zoom worship services.
* Pastor Karin Kilpatric and Patty Painter-Wakefield will continue to work at home (see contact information below).
* Rental groups will not meet on church property until given specific permission to do so.

We will continually monitor the situation and apprise you of any changes.

Here are a few sources for information at the state and local level:
State of Colorado COVID-19 page
City of Arvada’s COVID-19 page
Jefferson County Public Health Coronavirus Updates

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Blessing Box Needs

Blessing Box (a.k.a. Little Free Food Pantry)
Blessing BoxThe Blessing Box (the free little pantry on a south corner of our parking lot) is up and running for those in need. If your food source is stable right now and you are able to stop by to fill the box with a few items, a canned good or two, a few water bottles, or toiletries will help. Thank you!

[Items generally needed include: cans of fruit, vegetables, meats (like tuna or chicken); water bottles; crackers; protein sources; granola/protein bars; toiletries; tissues; toilet paper]

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Common Earth Community Garden News

Common Earth Community Garden logo

For more information or to volunteer…email CommonEarthCommGarden@gmail.com . Or simply check the website!

There are a few garden spots available for this 2020 season!

Mission: Common Earth Community Garden is established to grow and distribute vegetables, provide a source of wholesome food to local food banks, provide nutritional and cultural education for youth, a place of fellowship for multi-generational families, and outreach to our diverse neighbors on this shared common earth.

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Need or Want Gift Cards? First United now has Scrip…..
If you like to give gift cards to friends & family, you can now buy them from First United! You’re helping the support the church at the same time. Or…Maybe you already shop places like Target or Home Depot, or J.C. Penney. Well, buy yourself a gift card through First United to pay for the shopping you already plan to do…and you’ll help support the church! There’s a long list of which stores, restaurants, etc. are part of this program called Scrip. There’s a copy of the list and order forms on the welcome table. Orders will go in on the 15th of the month. Payment must be included at the time of the order.

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Supporting First United through the King Soopers Community Rewards Program
Help support First United by connecting your King Soopers loyalty card to First United! There are no longer refillable cards to use. Now you go online to connect your loyalty card to the organization you want to receive a portion of the money you spend at King Soopers. Connect that and you’re set!
How to connect your loyalty card to First United Church of Arvada:
–Log into your King Soopers Account (www.kingsoopers.com)
–Under “Valued Customer” in the upper right hand corner, go to “My Account”
–Sign into your account (or create an account for your loyalty card)
–On the “Account Summary” page, click on “Community Rewards” in the left column.
–“Enroll” in First United Church of Arvada, which is organization DL310.
ALSO…The “Community Rewards” page where you “Enroll” is where you see how much you’ve contributed to First United each quarter.

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Keep up with First United on Facebook

Facebook Like pictureSure, you can click the Facebook icon on any page of this website, but we just thought we’d point out what you can have delivered to your news feed when you “Like” us: Pictures and videos of what we’ve been doing, interesting articles, reminders about upcoming events…First United Facebook Page.

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